PBB Temple

PBB Temple where everone is on board

PBBM 10th Anniversary Celebrations at Ngara Temple

...As a member of P. B.B.M, I believe we all have the history of the ministry and indeed we can today say that God has been our Ebenezer “This far we’ve come’’

Fellow Saints;

Calvary greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
When we consider God's unmerited love that has been lavished on us, His Peace and Mercy, His efficacious grace that has been sufficient for us all through, we’re left awed by His goodness.

Surely, Great is our GOD and greatly to be praised and His greatness, no one can fathom.

As Prayers Beyond Boundaries Ministries, we remain committed to praying for you, your family, our leaders, the Church in Kenya and her leaders as well as our beloved and God-given nation of Kenya.
PBB Temple where everone is on board

31st Dec 2016 Crossover Kesha Overflow

Dear one, all things work together for the good of them who love God and are called according to His purposes. Whatever you may be facing or going through; whether good or bad, its working for your good. It may not be good to you but rest assured, it's working out something good unto the glory of our God. It’s not your destination; you’re only going through. So, be bold and very courageous.

We hereby sound out our heartfelt appreciation for your continued support and for continually gracing our meetings and especially our major events with your presence. One such event is our 10th Anniversary celebrations, which coincided with our Overseer's Book launch titled Praying Beyond Boundaries currently available in bookstores across the nation. You may also order for a copy through our ministry contacts.

Surely, our God is not unjust as to forget your labor of love. Every effort expended in praying, encouraging, and or supporting us is and will never be in vain. Never grow weary in well doing especially to them of the household of faith. The God we serve richly bless you and fulfill the intricate desires of your heart.

Finally, we glorify God for the evident growth in P.B.B.M. We now have two satellite branches in Ruiru Kimbo with Pastor Evans and Ruth Kibe as the Resident Pastors as well as Maai Mahiu Assembly with Ev. Susan and Pastor Michael kariuki as the Resident Pastors. We anticipate more growth as our hope and trust is The LORD GOD who alone causes all things to grow.

The lord be gracious to you as HE has been to us.

PBB Temple where everone is on board

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