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Senior Designer

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Flash Developer

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3D Animator

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Marketing Director

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PBB Financial


PBB Ministries

Prayers Beyond Boundaries Ministries (PBB Ministries) is a Christian based non-profit making organization. PBB Ministries' vision is to see a transformed nation through fervent prayers. Philippians 4:6-7, John 14:13-14, Colossians 4:2, 2Chronicles 7:14. PBB Ministries commits itself to furthering the true Worship of Almighty God beyond all boundaries and among all nations. PBB Ministries seeks to achieve the above through Bible based practices such as family fellowships, evangelistic meeting (Crusades), personal prayers, intercessions and charity among others.


Prayers Beyond Boundaries Ministries (PBB Ministries) was founded in August 2006 by Ev Lucy Wa Ngunjiri and officially launched in August 2007 . This she did after receiving many testimonies of Gods miracles upon various people during her monthly interdenominational prayer meetings all over Kenya and her intercessory radio prayers which form part of her Sunday morning gospel radio show 'Itaha Ria Muoyo' (Manna for the Soul).


To See Transformed nations and their leaders through the power of prayer


To mobilize individuals, families, leaders and nations in order to teach, sensitize and encourage them to have a prayerful lifestyle by organizing regular prayer meetings and events


  1. Prayer as a lifestyle
  2. Pursuit of righteousness
  3. Truth and moral integrity
  4. Accountability
  5. Upholding Christian family values

Our Core Commitments

Emphasis on prayer among other Bible based practical experience and partnering with other relevant individuals and organizations in achieving our vision and objectives across all cultures, races and nations.


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